Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (on Monday!!)

Here the link to all Menu Plan Mondays if you're interested.

Yes! I made this this weekend and it is up and running on Monday. Success! :) (and I actually went shopping Sunday to be all prepared). Excellent.

B: overnight oatmeal (here) and raw milk
L: leftover pasta and salad and homemade sourdough bread
D: sole with sorrel sauce (NT p. 276) (sorrel from the garden that Teal grew last summer) brown rice, and sautéed asparagus
To Do: cook rice, make chicken stock, feed sourdough mother

B: eggs and bacon and toast, raw milk
L: leftover salmon and rice
D: Will is making stir-fry, I believe :D
To Do: make bread, make croutons (NT p. 520), soak black beans

B: yogurt and granola and grapefruit
L: leftover stir fry
D: large yummy salad (chicken from stock, chickpeas, croutons, etc) and bread
To Do: feed sourdough mother

B: baked oats and yogurt (this recipe from The Nourished Kitchen)
L: leftover salad
D: black bean soup (NT p. 223), salad
To Do: feed sourdough mother, start cooking black beans in am, soak white beans, soak oats,

B: baked oats leftovers
L: leftover soup
D: Breakfast Club with friends
To Do: feed sourdough mother, soak rice

B: frittata and toast, raw milk
L: any misc. leftovers
D: Indian cornish game hens (NT p. 292) and salad and rice
To Do: feed sourdough mother, get milk from farm, plant veggies!!! (side note)

B: english muffin attempt! woot. to be made into bacon and egg sandwich
L: something... hehe
D: Sauerkraut & Bean soup (NT p. 210 with homemade sauerkraut) and bread
To Do: 8 am start white beans, feed sourdough mother

We are also daily drinking home-brewed kombucha and water kefir.

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  1. i'm glad you're eating my sorrel! how did the sauce +sole turn out?

    i'm also glad you're doing such a good job with the menu planning! it looks really great. =)

    how's the sourdough working out? you must be using a liquid starter? (vs the stiff starter i gave kelly...) i like my stiff sdough starter 'cause i don't have to feed it very often....