Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I Really Ate This Week

I figured it was time to post something that shows what I actually eat all week, even with a menu plan and the best of intentions. So here it is..... small text are things I didn't do, blue is the changes.

B: overnight oatmeal (here) [this was super yummy!] and raw milk
L: leftover pasta and salad and homemade sourdough bread
D: sole with sorrel sauce (NT p. 276) (sorrel from the garden that Teal grew last summer) brown rice, and sautéed asparagus Nope! We had miso soup with homemade spring rolls and salad (local!) and sourdough bread (friends came over :)
To Do: cook rice, make chicken stock, feed sourdough mother

B: fried eggs over sauteed potatoes with mushrooms, onions, and garlic and bacon and toast, raw milk
L: leftover salmon and rice Hmmm don't even remember. Oh well. Something leftover, I'm sure.
D: Will is making stir-fry Miso soup, I believe :D Will rocked the white miso soup with fresh shittake mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, etc. It was lovely.
To Do: make bread, make croutons (NT p. 520), soak black beans

B: yogurt and granola and grapefruit Will had cheerios :( We drank coffee and I drank raw milk. I woke up to a warming fridge, so I didn't have much time to eat.
L: leftover stir fry miso soup and sourdough bread for Will and random pasta with sauce I found defrosting fridge :D
D: large yummy salad (chicken from stock, chickpeas, croutons, etc) and bread Miso soup and salad for Will (he is at school all day Wed) and I made the Indian Cornish Hens early (fridge thing again....) with some leftover rice
To Do: feed sourdough mother

B: baked oats and yogurt (this recipe from The Nourished Kitchen)
L: leftover salad leftover cornish hens
D: black bean soup (NT p. 223) made soup but ate pecan-encrusted sole with sorrel (fabulous!!) and rice, salad
To Do: feed sourdough mother, start cooking black beans in am, soak white beans, soak oats ?for what? who knows,

B: baked oats leftovers Will slept in and I wasn't hungry, so nothing.
L: leftover soup baked oats leftovers, sent fish with Will
D: Breakfast Club with friends Meeting cancelled, so we had leftover rice, cornish hens, and fish
To Do: feed sourdough mother, soak rice

B: frittata and toast, raw milk and cheerios :(
L: any misc. leftovers
D: Indian cornish game hens (NT p. 292) and salad and rice Already made and ate hens, and we were out on a bike ride, so we stopped at a little Mexican trailer food place, and got a burrito and torta, but it turned out to be similar to a big mac, just Mexican style :( We felt pretty gross afterwards. Oh well.
To Do: feed sourdough mother, get milk from farm, plant veggies!!! (side note) ps planting was so fun!

B: english muffin attempt! woot. to be made into bacon and egg sandwich Nope, didn't happen. We've had some rough nights with Bebe lately, so mornings haven't been so hot for me.
L: something... hehe
D: Sauerkraut & Bean soup (NT p. 210 with homemade sauerkraut) and bread We had leftover black bean soup and bread.
To Do: 8 am start white beans, feed sourdough mother

We are also daily drinking home-brewed kombucha and water kefir.

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