Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Kitchen Goals

I'm participating in Kelly the Kitchen Kop's Kitchen Goal of the Month, and I have three:

1. Make water kefir
2. Make a meal plan every Monday
3. Make my own flour (soaked, sprouted, and ground!)

We'll see how it goes! I should post soon about all the other changes I've made too. Soon. Very soon.


  1. Ooo. You know, I have never tried water kefir. I think Andrew and the boys would love it though. Perhaps you can send some grains my way if you do get to making it!

  2. Marianne- I certainly will! .....if I don't kill them. Who would have thought you could kill things like that?? Not me!

  3. Great goals! I'd love to know how the water kefir goes too, please :)

  4. Jen- thanks, and I will let you know!

  5. I've found that I do better to plan my meals on Friday nights (I know, right?). Saturday morning I do my farmer's market shopping and it gives me time to start soaking any rice/beans/whathaveyou on Sunday before Monday's meals.

    I'm a big fan of meal planning though and I love to see how other people do it. I sometimes get derailed and have to steer my way back to it.

    Great goals! I'm waiting for the water kefir lesson for my water kefir making. I've been sticking to my kombucha for the time being!

    - Joy

  6. Joy-
    Thanks for reading! Menu planning on Friday sounds like a great idea. I've had trouble trying to do it on Monday... and not have anything to eat that day :) We share a fridge with other housemates, so we don't have much leeway in terms of leftovers.

    I just finished my first batch of water kefir. I'm about to do a post. Hope you have a great week!