Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something with Salmon

So in my menu plan for the week, tonight's dinner included "something with salmon." I have some wild-caught Alaska salmon cans that I've been wanting to use. So with a little help from housemate Kelley, I brainstormed some ideas, including salmon balls with breadcrumbs deep-fried in lard. Then I remembered that I still had some curry mayo from the Curried Chicken Salad from Nourishing Traditions (it has developed a lovely smooth consistency). Ah ha! With leftover corn tortillas, I would make Curried Salmon Tacos. Lovely.

I started out with some coconut oil in the pan (Marianne says it helps keep the sickies at bay? and husband said he's starting to feel as though he's fighting off something), added my curried mayo, opened my salmon can, and was assaulted by a salmon spine. Literally, it jumped out at me. So smooth and bone-like. Ewww. I guess I should mention that I used to be a vegetarian in highschool. I didn't much know or care to know about the animal rights part of it, or even what was in the actual meat, but I dissected a cat from Mexico in my Anatomy and Physiology class. I hate to spoil the fun if you ever plan to dissect one, but it looks just like chicken. Yep. Didn't eat meat for a year (until my mom asked me, so very nicely, if I would please just eat meat. As her birthday present. How could I say no? Also, my dad accused me of trying to break our family apart at Thanksgiving. Long story.) Anyhow, meat is a big part of the WAPF nutritional wisdom, and so I tend to jump right in. Greasy chicken carcass falling apart in my hands after simmering for 24 hours to make broth? No problem. (Mostly. I did feel a little nauseous). Boiling down pig fat shavings to make gorgeous lard? Count me in!

The salmon spine, however, almost didn't make the cut. Housemate Kelley came running as she heard me calling her name, panickylike. She stood next to me as a ever so carefully picked out soft small bones and a crumbling spine. I only lasted about 1 minute after she left, though, and I didn't have the stomach to finish the whole can (to be left for another, more daring day).

Here's the spine, left side of plate.

I know. Gross, right?
Anyhow, somehow it came together, along with some yellow heirloom tomatoes (from Mexico: sad I know). The finished product was quite nice, even if I did eat it alone.

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As a side note, I am planning on grinding my dried sprouted buckwheat tomorrow! Expect a post soon.


  1. Ooo that looks really yummy (the aversion to animal anatomy will pass...and hey, some people eat cats! ;)

  2. hah. yeah, the bones in canned salmon aren't so appetizing...(honestly, i haven't been successful at eating canned salmon... but i think i'm rather spoiled, having grown up in the PNW). theoretically, though, they would be a good source of calcium, right? (i mean, if they were small enough/soft enough)

    it does not surprise me AT ALL that kelley suggested frying balls of meat/fish in pig fat. no surprising in the least....(miss you both!)

  3. It's fun to see what you're doing, Sarah. I've been through a similar experience with canned salmon! :o)

  4. Marianne- thanks! We are making the rest (wish me luck!) for lunch today. Also, I will not eat cat. Period. Unless I'm in another country and it is culturally significant. :D

    Teal- yeah... I was thinking more like tuna. Definitely wasn't expecting bones. Yes, yes, we all love Kelley's obsession with fat of all kinds. We miss you too!!

    Deanna- Thanks! It's nice to know someone's reading :D