Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Planning for the Week

So this will be my first official "Food" post. I'm excited! I was first introduced to the idea of weekly menu planning by Marianne who blogs her food journey at PrepareToEat, and she inspired me that it is possible to think about what one eats in advance! (elementary, I know). Just a bit more ado: I waited a month to get Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon through our local library, and I had to return my copy last week. I ordered my very own copy, but alas, it will be several days in getting here. So I haven't had time/energy to get actual recipes from other bloggers down yet, but I do have main ingredients down. Mostly I'm just posting this to get my foot in the door, so I can build from here and not be intimidated about starting. (note: mornings labeled "Will" are mornings I'm at work (coffee shop) and I let Will do his own breakfast)

B: eggs and toast, raw milk
L: leftover pasta and zucchini,
D: kale/potato frittata (with pork lard I rendered!), salad

B: Will
L: winter root soup (NT), salad
D: yumm burritos

B: soaked oatmeal, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice
L: leftover yumm burritos, quinoa salad
D: something with salmon, salad

B: Will
L: asparagus soup, leftover quinoa salad
D: leftover winter soup, acorn squash side

B: cream of wheat, eggs
L: leftover asparagus soup, toast
D: Out: Breakfast Club

B: ground buckwheat pancakes, raw milk
L: falafel, fried in lamb lard!
D: something with lamb, something potato

B: Will
L: leftover salmon, leftover soup, salad
D: pasta, salad

Well, this is a big step for me in thinking ahead about what we're going to be eating this week, even if it isn't very specific. Part of my challenge is thinking ahead about what to send with Will to school to eat, as he is often gone for lunch and dinner. We can't afford to have him getting ready made food at school (plus who knows what is in it!), so it's quite the work to make something the day before that can be stored, transported, and reheated easily. It's both exhausting and exhilarating!

I'm also soaking and sprouting some buckwheat, so I'll have to post about how the dehydrating and grinding goes. Bottoms up!

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