Monday, March 1, 2010

To New Beginnings

When I think back to who I was in high school, I realize I am no longer that person. Almost at all. My interests, hobbies, friendships, relationships, status (read: mother!) have all drastically changed. And so who am I now? I struggle to answer that everyday. Mostly, right now, I am Mabel's mother, day in and day out. Sometimes this still shocks me, when I truly think about it. What happened to all my "me" plans? Who knows. Right now, I am just trying to keep this child fed, diapered, and happy. After that, I am trying to keep Will and I fed well. Both of these things = full time jobs in their own. And I work part-time outside the house. Woohoo! Life is a whirlwind, it feels like.

As I have moved to Eugene and entered the realm of "foodies," I have taken a hard look at what goes into my body. What I found was not good, to say the least. Since then (summer 2008), both my philosophies about food and what I actually eat has changed dramatically. Recently, this change has led me to discover the vast blogosphere of people who follow the nutrition information presented through the Weston A. Price Foundation. Most of these women are stay at home moms (although a lot make a good amount of money through blogging... which I find kind of thought-provoking), trying to feed their families well and, thankfully, sharing the experience with the rest of the world.

So I've decided to join this world, as a very busy graduate student husband doesn't make for much of an audience with my changing food ideas. Onward ho!


  1. I am so excited that you are blogging, and diving into the real food revolution.

  2. Marianne- Thanks! You know I owe half of it to you. :) The other half goes to friend Rachel who introduced me to Horton Organics Farm and their fabulous vegetables.