Thursday, March 4, 2010

Salmon Head Soup

Some times it is fun to just try something new. I have made homemade chicken broth now several times, and I thought, impulsively, that I would try to make some fish broth. So I stopped by the Eugene Fisherman's Market and asked for some fish carcasses. I'd hoped I'd get them for free, but I guess they use everything they can and then give the rest to local farms for fishmeal. Bravo to them. Anyhow, I ended up feeling very victorious bringing home two fabulous salmon head with which to make my fish broth. Turns out salmon is one of those oily fish you very specifically don't make fish broth with. Right. On to Plan B!

I cruised around the web and ended on this recipe. It was enjoyable to make, if only for the novelty aspect. It did require a special trip to the Asian store in town, but that was also a lovely cultural experience. I was thrilled to find young coconuts there that I chopped up for the delicious juice inside. Will and I used to get these when we lived in the LA area. This is the salmon with the gills removed.

The simmering soup did leave a interesting, very fishy smell in the whole house. And picking the meat from the head was... interesting. Actually, it was more enjoyable than picking chicken meat from a chicken carcass.

With some spring rolls, we had a fabulous meal. I find that I more thoroughly enjoy my food when I put spend time and love preparing it.

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