Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

Ok so one of my March goals was to make a menu plan each Monday. Didn't happen. Oh well. Moving on. We have one this week!

I've decided to make 6 dinner concepts, one for each night of the week (minus Friday when we have a get-together with friends and I will be spontaneous!). That way I can know, way ahead of time, approximately what I'll be making. Also, I will be needing to send Will with lunch every weekday, so that means I need consistent leftovers. I feel good about it so far.

B: soaked oats and yogurt, raw milk
L: leftover pasta
D: rice & refried beans (NT p. 496), asparagus with butter

B: cottage cheese and oranges, toast
L: leftover beans and rice
D: Chicken, Potato and Leek soup (NT p. 228) and bread (rye bread from Portland bakery)
To Do: start sourdough starter, start pizza dough, cut up veggies for omelet and pizza

B: omelet with veggies, toast with butter
L: leftover soup and toast with butter
D: Veggie and Hamburger Yogurt Dough pizza (NT p. 485) with flour that I made. and salad
To Do: Soak flour for pancakes/waffles, feed sourdough mother

B: soaked pancakes/waffles and grapefruit
L: leftover pizza and salad
D: pasta with red sauce and salad
To Do: soak oats, feed sourdough mother, make Friday dinner

B: soaked baked oats (this recipe from The Nourished Kitchen), raw milk
L: leftover pasta
D: Breakfast Club with friends
To Do: feed sourdough mother, soak and cook beans for Sun soup

B: eggs and yogurt, raw milk
L: any misc. leftovers
D: (still working on this) some sort of meat with roasted acorn squash
To Do: feed sourdough mother, make Sunday soup, get milk from farm, cut up fruit

B: fruit salad, dutch baby pancakes (NT p.479) , raw milk
L: curried tuna salad sandwiches (modified NT p. 414), salad
D: Sauerkraut & Bean soup (NT p. 210 with homemade sauerkraut) and bread
To Do: soak oats, beans, and rice, feed sourdough mother

We are also daily drinking home-brewed kombucha and water kefir (I usually add some lemon juice or vanilla extract to flavor it).


  1. oooh.... it all looks pretty tasty. wish i was there to stand around and look hungry in the event that you might feed me. =)

    is the sourdough starter from the stuff i gave kelley? or marianne's? or?

    what does water kefir taste like? i'm really rather puzzled about the concept...

  2. Teal- I would totally feed you! :) I have lots of leftover soup tonight. I am doing my own starter... we'll see how it works. I plan to feed it everyday :)
    Water kefir... did you go to the link I put up? I've made 3 or 4 batches now, and this last one I left longer than the others, and it is significantly more sour. The other ones tasted sweet - you would like it with your ginger!! If fact, if you're interested and my grains multiply (doesn't always happen), I could try to send you some so you could check it out!! It's a lot of upkeep (every 2 to 4 days) but I'm sure you'd be all over it.

  3. hah. i hadn't read it....but now i have! very interesting...

    maybe if you have some extra grains next time i'm down i can get some. now sure how they'd fare in the mail... =) (and i don't have an absolute dying interest in it, soooo.....)